"Water is friendly to man."

Joseph Conrad



Water is liquid imagination….Hydro-Theologie (Theology of water, or essay on the divine goodness manifested by the creation of water-

Joannes Albertus Fabricuius (1668-1736)


"When Time comes for us to again rejoin the infinite stream of water flowing to and from the great Timeless ocean, our little droplet of soulful water will once again flow with the endless stream."

-William E. Mark

The Holy Order of Water


Read: The Water Planet by Lyall Watson

Book: "The Conquest of Water" by Jean-Pierre Goubert

Book: "Water Follies: Groundwater pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh Waters" by Robert Glennon


"….water is the beginning of everything. It is the first nourishment. It is the blood of the earth."

Ryszard Kapuscinski



"Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life."

John Updike


"For all at last returns to the sea-to Oceanus, the ocean river, like the ever flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end."

Rachel Carson

The Sea Around us


"What wondrous stories a water molecule could tell of wild peaks visited on stormy nights, of quiet rivulets and raging rivers traveled, of quiet rivulets and raging rivers traveled, of peaceful fogs and sun-colored clouds, of glaciers and ocean currents, of fragile snowflakes and crisp little frost crystals, and of the seething protoplasmic retorts of living cells-a zillion places visited since the earth’s beginning."

David Cavagnaro

Living Water



"The most decisive factor in the rises and falls of civilizations was the irregularity and unpredictability of the water supply."

Robert McAdams

The Evolution of Urban Society


"I could see nothing but the sea. The waves rolled up the shingle to my feet, foamed on the rocks at water level, broke on them in cadence, embrace them like watery arms, like lucent veils, and fell back transfused with blue. The wind blew the spume around me and wrinkled the surface of the pools left behind in the crevices; the seaweed swayed and dripped, still rocked by the motion of the retreating wave….As the sea retreated and its sound grew more distant, like a dying refrain, the beach advanced toward me, discovering the furrows traced by waves on the sand. And then I understood all the happiness of creation, all the joy with which God endowed it for man."

Gustave Flaubert


"Water is full of mystery, clear simple and chaste-unpretentious too, as if to signify nothing of itself…only there to serve others, to cleanse, to refresh. But have you seen it in great depths and allowed your soul, as it were, to sink into it? Have you felt how mysterious the depth is? How it seems as if everything down there was full of wonders, enticing, and yet terrible?

St. Francis of Assisi


"Water is such a great creature and it is so humble in its greatness that people generally pay little attention to it. But those of us who have spent much of our lives working with it and studying about it, have actually come to love it and become overwhelmed by its greatness and importance."

Emmett Joseph Culligan

Emmett  Culligan on Water


Water decodes whether we live or die, whether we eat or drink, whether we are sick or well. In all walks of life, water spells the difference between success and failure."

Emmett Culligan


"Till taught by pain

Men really know not, what good water’s worth."



Earth is awash with 35 million cubic kilometers of fresh water. That's about 1.5 billion gallons for every person alive today. The current effective supply, however, is only a small fraction of that gargantuan figure. 

Enormous volumes of water-twenty to thirty times that in all rivers, lakes, and streams combined-are stored in the Earth’s crust

92% Sea Water

2% Frozen in Polar ice caps

2.5% under Earth’s surface

.002% World’s lakes & streams

4,000 Cubic miles are atmospheric moisture.

3,400 Cubic miles are located with the bodies of living things

16,000 gallons of water is consumed each day for each of the nation’s inhabitants.57 million gallons a minute

In Colorado more water is lost to evaporation than is used for all other purposes.

Great lakes hold 1/5 of world’s supply of fresh water

More than ½ of the worlds fresh water is in the rivers, & lakes of Canada

Did you Know a single quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water.

Household paint contains more than 300 toxic chemicals, 150 of which are carcinogens. Although the exact amount is unknown, experts estimate that millions of gallons of household paints are poured down the drain into America’s sewers and waterways.

Nearly half of the American population relies on groundwater for their drinking water and much of that is contaminated.

A one-year supply for one person requires more than 1.5 million gallons of pure fresh water to produce. A lunch consisting of a hamburger, order of French fries and carbonated beverage requires 1,500 gallons of pure fresh water when it is processed.

A gallon of spilled toxic chemicals can render one million gallons of water unsafe for drinking.

It takes fifteen hundred pounds of water to produce one pound of corn.

85% of the water consumed in the U.S. is consumed by agriculture

Bottled Water consumption is up almost 200% in past 10 years.

A 7% reduction in the share used by agriculture would allow a 100% rise in all other uses

Up to ½ of irrigation water is wasted.

More than ½ of U.S. water goes to raising beef. It takes 25 gallons to produce a pound of wheat & 2,500 to produce a pound of meat.

Inorganic residues of pesticides are caused by meat production (55%) and dairy operations 23%

29,000 river miles contain hazardous levels of TOXINS

Industrial polluters continue to release 360 million lbs. Of Toxins into our rivers each year.



"Throughout the late spring and summer months million of Americans routinely drink water with unsafe levels of herbicides."

Richard Wiles (researcher)


It takes 500 litres to raise a kilo of potatoes; 900 for a kilo of wheat; nearly 2000 for rice or soya; 3500 for a kilo chicken; and a staggering 100,000 litres for a kilo of beef

Book: "So Shall We Reap" by Colin Tudge


"The quality of water is crucial to human health. Nearly half the people in the world-practically all of them in developing countries, and most of them poor-suffer from diseases related to insufficient or contaminated water. Two billion people are at risk of waterborne and food borne diarrheal diseases. These diseases are the main biological reason nearly four million children die each year. Schistosomiasis infects some 200 million people through contact with infested fresh water. Dracunculiasis infects 10 million through drinking water that contains the disease vector, a nematode called the guinea worm. In addition, insect vectors that breed in water transmit malaria (which infects 267 million people-specious precision!) filariasis (which infects 90 million), onchocerciasis (which infects 18 million) and dengue fever (which infects 30 million to 60 million people each year). In addition to biological agents, trace chemicals in water can significantly affect human health."

Joel E. Cohen

How Man People Can the Earth Support?


"When she was 15, Ashley Mulroy read an article about European water supplies being "drugged" with antibiotics. Hmmmmm, she wondered, is our water drugged, too? With the help of her mom, she launched a 10-week science project taking water samples along several miles of the Ohio River near her hometown. Sure enough, she found antibiotics in the water, with the highest concentrations near dairy and livestock farms-which use the antibiotics to help fatten their animals..

   Ashley went further, testing tap water in Wheeling and nearby towns. Yep....the antibiotics were coming out of the taps, including her own school's drinking fountain.  (This means that if you get infected by the superbugs, the antibiotics won't work...and you'll die)

Jim Hightower


Read: BAIKAL….Russia’s Sacred Sea….National Geographic…by Don Belt


Read: Water ,the fluid of Life….Calypso Log,Feb 1993

Read: WET,WILD AND WEIRD by Carl Zimmer Discover Oct 1992

Read: TOXINS ON TAP by Michael D. Lemonick, Time, Nov 15, 1993




Book: "Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit" by Vandana Shiva


See article: OUT OF WATER….by Mikhail Gorbachev…Civilization Oct/Nov 2000

Join: "AMERICAN RIVERS…1025 Vermont Ave, N.W..

Suite 720

Washington ,DC 20005

See article:GROUNDWATER SECRETS by Kathy A. Svitil

Discover Mag. September ,1996

"And in countries where there is enough water, the supply faces another threat-drugs, as in medicines. Pharmaceuticals excreted in urine have been detected in a number of water sources in Europe….New Scientist,London

(This is happening in the U.S. at a rapid rate…Viagra and Prozac …for everyone)


There is ample medical evidence linking chlorine to bladder and rectal cancer, heart disease, and stroke despite its intrinsic value as a bacteria killer.


"It appears that different star systems and configurations of alignments of stars in our solar system and galaxy have an effect upon the structure of water."

Dan Tolman

See" The Water Report"

Fax" 314-727-6706


See" Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity …by Sandra Postel


See book: Cold Running River, by David N. Cassuto


….And I saw, I knew, in my morning vision quest, that the most sacred part of this mysterious planet was….water.

Certainly not homo sapiens, human beings. We could be gone from this Mother Earth today and it would not make one difference to the life of this "maka wakan" this sacred Earth.

In fact, without us the Earth would not be subjected to so much destruction. But without water, the Earth would quickly be reduced to the barren desert of the moon.

It is water that is the divine creator of men and women, green leaves and trout, flowers and feathered ones of the air and every other living reflection of this sacred source.

Water is a living, spiritual element that relates to us the Earth, air and sunlight.

Nearly 75% of the surface of the earth is water, and the same percentage applies to the water in our bodies.

Menstrual periods, the ocean tides and ground water within the Earth all reflect the course of the moon. Tree sap follows the same cosmic rhythms.

"Water, thou are the source of all things and of all existence." Says an Indian Vedic text.

Since prehistoric times, water, woman and moon were the trinity of fertility for humans and the universe. The spiral was the symbol of water and lunar fertility, with the snail, woman and fish.

The belief that water was the primordial home of human beings is universal

In the symbolism of the great Mayan and Aztec pyramids it is paramount. The zero in the Mayan number system represented the ocean, which is endless in time and space. It was the Mayans who first developed a concept of the zero. The "foundation" of the pyramids was water, symbolizing the first world when all as water, Conch shells decorate the walls of Teoihuacan temples, since the are symbolic of water.

It is water that nourish life, brings to germination all seeds, and is the supreme spiritual magic, as well as medicinal substance on this planet.

My mind/brain/spirit was filled with many images on that wet, red rock, morning meditation.

The West Texas cistern filled with rain water to once again ensure life for my grandparents. How they sacrificed even a little drinking waters to keep their beloved hollyhocks alive.

The rain was gentle on my face now….the morning transcended the reach of language. The Vedic text shone in the mist: "WATER, thou art the source of all existence.

William Edelen\



World’s oldest lake in deep, deep trouble

By Richard C. Paddock Los Angeles Times





BBC…By Science correspondent Corinne Podger


The world’s fresh water supply is dwindling every year, according to research in the United States.

Within 25 years, half the world’s population could have trouble finding enough fresh water for drinking and irrigation. The study was carried out at Colorado University, which surveyed river basins all over the planet to identify those under most pressure.

It found a third of the world’s people already live in regions considered to be "water-stressed" –where there is not enough, or barely enough water to go around.



Waterways under most pressure included China’s Yellow River basin, the Zambezi River in Africa, and the rivers that lead into the Aral Sea in Central Asia.

Most of the waters from those sources is used for irrigation, not drinking, according to the study’s leading author, Kenneth Strzepek


He says that with rising populations, half the world’s people will find it hard to get enough water for crops and livestock within 25 years, and still have enough left to drink themselves.


With many of the world’s freshwater rivers crossing more than one country, Professor Strzepek says political solutions, as well as scientific ones, need to be found.


WASHINGTON (AP) Water is too cheap, and selling it should be a good business, says a commission trying to keep the world’s depleted fresh water supplies from drying up. "You will not get conservation, stoppage of waste, adoption of appropriate techniques and private-sector investment unless you can get the full cost back," said Ismail Serrageldin a World Bank vice president who heads the World Commission on Water for the 21st Century. This would require subsidies for the estimated 1 billion poor people who do not have access to safe water or the 2 billion who lack water for proper sanitation, Serageldin said. But he said subsidies should no longer go to water utilities, which are often inefficient and corrupt.


See article: WATER-Borne Killers….by Anne Platt…WorldWatch. Mar/Apr 1996


"No single measure would do more to reduce disease and save lives in the developing world than bringing safe and adequate sanitation to all."

-Kofi Annan


To sum up on this controversial issue, 91 nations, including the U.S. signed the Clean Seas Pact in 1972. this pact prohibited oceanic dumping of certain poisonous wastes, including fluoride, without special permits. Like the lethal radioactive waste, fluoride is a contaminative byproduct of industry which cannot easily be disposed of. The U.S. violates this prohibition by subversion, however. It is channeled first through he nation’s drinking water and thence on to the open sea. In this diluted form an estimated 50,000 tons at least are eventually disposed of annually, and 100,000 into the air.

The fact is, fluoride is classified along with arsenic and cyanide in the Pharmacy Law as a dangerous poison. (The sodium fluoride used for drinking water is also used as a rat poison. Hydrogen fluoride, the industrial pollutant, has been classified as one of the major threats to wildlife, and what it does to animals it does to humans). According to our drug laws, it is a legal offence to sell or even give away one fluoride pill(1 mg.F), yet that is approximately the amount of fluoride found in each quart of fluoridated water. One can only draw the conclusion that adding fluoride to the water is, by legal definition, a poisoning of the water supplies, and that anyone who drinks more than two quarts of fluoridated water daily exceeds the toxic level. Boiling fluoridated water for cooking also increases its concentration because some water evaporates and fluoride is a salt.


Fluoride is a cumulative poison. It is absorbed from a variety of sources, including toothpaste and pharmaceuticals, from foods and beverages processed with fluoridated water and grown in areas near steel, aluminum , ceramic and phosphate industries (140 ppm has been found in Oregon crops). It is breathed in air pollution from those industries and from pesticides, herbicides, gasoline and aerosols.


The fluoride issue appears to have started back in the early 1940’s when the aluminum industry’s imaginations was sparked by a widely circulated magazine article in Colliers and Readers Digest. Dr. George Heard, a dentist of Hereford, Texas published "The town without a toothache’ questioning the relationship between his lack of business and the presence of naturally occurring fluoride in the local water. The Texas Health Dept. conducted a survey which tentatively confirmed that a relationship existed. However, several years later Heard wrote a disclaimer (but by then fluoridation had begun to proliferate): "the dental investigators made a serious mistake when they gave fluoridation the credit for our good teeth. They overlooked the food grown in our rich, well-mineralized soil. It is these minerals, of which processed foods rob the body, that build health and good teeth. As the town grew and people began to live on processed foods, tooth decay increased by leaps and bounds in spite of the fact that people were drinking the same water.’

The story is pieced together from the Congressional Record that in 1944 the Aluminum Company of America hired an attorney at the astronomical salary of $750,000 a year, although there was no litigation pending to speak of. After a few months that gentleman became Administrator of the Federal Security Agency (now HEW). He immediately began plans to negotiate an arrangement with the aluminum industry (apparently triggered by the above publicity ) who were then in a fluoride dilemma because it was not allowed to be disposed of in rivers and fields due to its high toxicity. The attorney in question began the promotion of fluoridation and the Aluminum Company of America began selling sodium fluoride tablets to put in drinking water. (In recent years the aluminum industry fluoride has been largely replaced by the cheaper sources from the fertilizer business.) Propaganda expert Edward L. Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) and inventor of the term ‘public relations’) was then retained for his services. In his book Public Relations and the American Scene, Bernays states, ‘The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses must be done by experts, the public relations counsels. They are the invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions….the most direct way to reach the herd is through the leaders. For, if the group leaders accept our ideas, the group they dominate will respond….all this must be planned. Indoctrination must be subtle. It should be worked into the everyday life of the people-hours a day in hundreds of ways….A redefinition of ethics is necessary….the subject matter of the propaganda need not necessarily be true.’ Is this why the government, the medical and dental professions, and most of the public have come to believe that fluoridation is really desirable?

Dr. Frederick B. Exner of Seattle who testified at the 1966 Los Angeles fluoridation hearings said ,’ If American industry had to stop polluting our air, water, and our countryside with the fluoride fumes and fall-out, and to dispose of its fluoride wastes without creating a public hazard, it would cost , not mere millions but countless billions of dollars. And therein lies the explanation for the utterly relentless drive to fluoridate our water supplies by any means, fair or foul, and many otherwise puzzling aspects of the drive to fluoridate.

There is also evidence that fluoridated water can cause Kidney disease. The Mayo clinic has discontinued the use of fluoridated water for all Kidney patients and especially for dialysis machines, because of the development of symptomatic water bone disease amongst these patients on fluoridated water.


According to the late Dr. K.K. Paulev, statistical analyst for the General Electric Company, official charts give the statistical illusion that fluoridation prevents cavities. What really happens is that in their early years, fewer children have teeth, because fluoridated water delays their growing-in by one to three years. Statisticians from several other countries have agreed with these findings, which is probably why most of their countries went to fluoridation.


Hardening of tooth enamel is actually a symptom which develops on the way from the standard one part per million, to mottled teeth and other signs of fluorisis (fluoride poisoning) in dosages from two to eight parts per million, at which time osteoporosis and bone degeneration set in . Dr. Hugo Theorell, Nobel Prize winner for his enzyme chemistry work, says the toxic effect of fluoride is first detectable in lipase (pancreatic juice) inhibition at one part in five million, but several earlier studies put it at one part in 15 million! The U.S. Water Quality Standards of 1975 designate the upper limit of permitted fluoride 2 ppm. More than 2ppm has been legally condemned by these Water Quality Standards as unsafe.

The government reference book for pharmacists , as early as 1952, warned that fluoride depletes calcium from the body. As an environmental pollutant, fluoride does the same thing. It leaches copper from pipes and has other corrosive effects. The Ohio Sierra Club has filed a $9 million suit against the Harshaw Chemical Company, charging that fluoride emissions from its plant have destroyed the Harvard-Dennison Bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley. The bridge was closed in 1973 after engineers found much of it had been eaten away.


On April 18, 1975, U.S. National radio and press covered a report released by the Environmental Protection Agency that all 79 of the nation’s drinking water systems which it had tested, including San Francisco, contained measurable amounts of potential cancer-causing chemical substances, several of which are formed by the chlorine which is the standard water purifier. Nevertheless , the U.S. Government printing Office continues to circulate reprints of an FDA consumer article on bottled water, which says, ‘…..All agree Public Health Service, Environmental Health Service, FDA) that most public drinking water is perfectly safe, in spite of harmless aesthetic shortcomings in some area.’

By the same token, an article appearing in the L.A. Times on Feb 21, 1974 entitled ‘Fluoride in Fresh Water on the List of Pollution Hazards’ quoted experts from 55 countries who opposed the hazards of fluoridation. On the same day the same paper ran another story attacking the anti-fluoridationists for protesting against the addition of more fluoride to fresh water.


More than 1 in 5 Americans unknowingly drink tap water polluted with feces, lead, radiation, or other contaminants. …..53 million Americans drank water that violated EPA safety standards…..Nearly 1000 deaths each year and at least 400,000 cases of water-borne illness may be attributed to contaminated water, according to the National Resource Defense Council and the Environmental Working Group (AP)


Lead in water Risk in 819 cities

See: The World’s Water

By Peter Gleick …Issues in Science and Technology




Houston has sunk 10ft

Mexico City 35 ft

Arizona 35 ft.


Now Corporations are getting their clutches on the very basic of life; the earth’s water supply. In Nation magazine, writer Kirkpatrick Sale reports that on March 21, a United nations Conference in Paris formally and officially decreed that "water" should be paid for as a commodity rather than be treated as an essential staple to be provided free of cost."

Jim Hightower


Rain is not what it used to be. A new study reveals that much of the precipitation in Europe contains such high levels of dissolved pesticides that it would be illegal to supply it as drinking water.

Fred Pearce in the New Scientist


Meanwhile Swedish researchers have linked pesticides to one of the most rapidly spreading cancers in the Western world. Non-Hodgkins’s lymphoma, which has risen by 73% in the U.S. since 1973, is probably caused by several commonly used crop sprays, say the scientists.

Fred Pearce


"Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated levels of harmful chloroform in nearly every home because of the chlorine in the water."

Dr. Lance Wallace, EPA


"Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. While it prevented epidemics of one disease, it was creating another. Two decades ago, after the start of chlorinating our water in 1904, the present epidemic of heart trouble, cancer and senility began."

Dr. J.M. Price M.D.


"The cause of arteriosclerosis and resulting heart attacks and strokes is none other than the ubiquitous chlorine in our water."

Dr. J.M. Price M.D.


"A long, hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations."

Dr. J. Andelman, Ph.D.


"Scientific studies have linked chlorine and chlorination by-products to cancer of the bladder, liver, stomach, rectum and colon, as well as heart disease, arteriosclerosis, anemia, high blood pressure, and allergic reactions."

Dr. Riddle, Ph.D


See: Got Trouble?

Laced with pesticides and fertilizers, America’s tap water may be turning us into a nation of chemically unbalanced lab rats."

By Peter Montague in Boulder Weekly, May 13,1999


Farmers could cut water use by 10 to 15%, Industry by 40-to 90% and cities by 1/3 with no sacrifice to economic output or quality of life.

The Aswan Dam has proved a mixed blessing, One gallon in five of the Nile’s water evaporates from Lake Nasser behind the dam. Sea erosion and lack of silt have reduced the Nile’s fertile delta and the river is now a mere trickle at its mouth.

355 desalinization plants in the U.S. They produce 400 million gallons a day

"100 million cubic meters of water, which is the bone of contention between Israel and its neighbors, is not worth a war: a day of war costs $100 million, whereas desalinization of 100 million cubic meters (of water) also costs $100 million, "

Amikam Nachmani (a paper entitled "Water jitters in the Middle East")

..."But for me, a small and largely forgotten example of technological inventiveness, and one of the most beguiling, is the work of the Russian Feodor Zibold in the early 1900s.

   Zibold was a "natural scientist," as they were then called, a philosopher of nature, a man consumed with a childlike curiosity about how things really worked. There were people like him all over Europe a hundred years ago, men of independent means and independent minds, all imbued with the kind of sunny optimism that goes with exploring where none other had been before. Charles Darwin is the most famous exemplar of this agreeable species. Zibold came later, but he was operating on the fringes of Europe, in the last tottering days of czarist Russia, and could be forgiven his dilatoriness. And, unlike Darwin, he was often spectacularly wrong, which only adds to his charm.

   One day late in 1906, when he was taking the waters in the Crimea, he came across a local legend that the ancient Greeks, who had built an important provincial capital at Theodosia (now Feodosia, Ukraine), had mastered the morning dew: they had become so proficient at collecting and dispensing it that they had supplied the whole city with its fresh water, using neither well nor brook.

   Zibold was captivated by this notion and determined to recover the secret. Once he started to look around, the evidence was everywhere. Lying about on the ground were stony tumuli, undoubtedly remnants of ancient dew collectors, and surrounding them were clay pipes, which had clearly been used for conducting the water to storage cisterns. Filled with enthusiasm and energy, he bullied the local agricultural community into helping him build his own massive dew collector, a stone reservoir 20 meters across, in its center a pyramid of stones and pebbles 6 meters tall. Halfway through construction he ran out of money, and it wasn't until 1912 that the marvel was finished. And, indeed, it worked: a yield of 350 liters per day was reported, not exactly city-slaking news, and not much water per ton of rock, but something.

Marq De Villiers

Water: The Fate of our Most Precious Resource

The use of water does not diminish its supply. None is ever lost


Book: "the Secret Knowledge of Water" by Craig Childs

Book: "The Conquest of Water" by Jean-Pierre Goubert

Book: "Cadillac Desert" by Marc Reisner

Book: "Water: A Natural History" by Alice Outwater

Book: "Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly, and The Politics of Thirst" by Diane Raines Ward

Book: "The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas" by Jerry Dennis

Book: "Water" by Marq De Villiers

Read: "Running Dry" by Jacques Leslie FOLIO

Book: "Blue Gold: How to stop the corporate theft of the world's water" by Maude Barlow & Tony Clark

"Troubled Waters" by Sandra Postel UTNE…july/aug 2000

"Blue Gold"…the fight for Canada’s water has only begun…by Jim Hightower UTNE Reader…July/Aug 2000

Book: "Blue Gold: the Global Water Crisis and the comodification of the World’s Water Supply….www.Canadians.orghiesen

Read: "A Drop of Water…a book of science and wonder (for kids) by Walter Wick

Book: "The Miracle Rivers: The Okavango & Chobe of Botswana" by Peter & Beverly Pickford

Book: "Riverwalking: Reflections on Moving Water" by Kathleen Dean Moore

Book: "The Conquest of Water: The Advent of Health in the Industrial Age" by Jean-Pierre Goubert

Book: "Whose Water Is It? The Unquenchable Thirst of a Water-Hungry World" Ed. by B. McDonald & D. Jehi

Book: "Water For Gotham: A History" by Gerard T. Koeppel

Book: "Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans" by Sylvia Alice Earle



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