"The RENAISSANCE was due to the rediscovery of the Platonic tradition by the Florentines. When will we discover it?"

Robert K.G. Temple

The Sirius Mystery


"The most obvious lesson of the Renaissance is the  putting of the past to work."

-John Armstrong

In Search for Civilization



"One could write a plausible intellectual history in which the decline of sun worship, the religion abandoned by the Roman emperor Constantine when he converted to Christianity, was said to have produced the Dark Ages, while its subsequent resurrection gave rise to the Renaissance."

-Timothy Ferris

Coming of Age in the Milky Way


"What we call the Renaissance was merely the fruiting of a plant whose cult had been the cherished work of centuries. . .It was not an untended wild flower, but rather a plant rare and exotic, cherished by centuries of blood and tears."

Harold Bailey

A New Light on the Renaissance


"The works of Dame Frances Yates have spotlighted the ideal Renaissance type-so apparently distant from his post-Cartesian successor. It was the figure of the Magus who dwelled at the center and summit of Renaissance intellectual, spiritual, and scientific life. The Magus activated within himself an expanded humanity, allowing him to operate between the powers of earth and the active symbols of heaven."

-Tobias Churton

The Magus of Freemasonry


"It was the involvement of the entire community in the creative process that made the Renaissance possible. And it was not a random event, but a calculated conscious policy on the part of those who had wealth and power. The goal of the Florentines was to make their city into a new Athens."

Mihaly Csiksezentmihalyi


"The great mathematical and scientific thinkers of the seventeenth century have at the back of their minds Renaissance traditions of esoteric thinking, of mystical continuity from Hebraic or 'Egyptian' wisdom, of that conflation of Moses with 'Hermes Trismegistus' which fascinated the Renaissance. These traditions survived across the period in secret societies, particularly in Freemasonry."

Frances A. Yates

The Rosicrucian Enlightenment


"What is called the Renaissance was in reality, as we have already said on other occasions, not a re-birth but the death of many things; on the pretext of being a return to the Graeco-Roman civilization...."

-Rene Guenon

The Crisis of the Modern World



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