"There are only two races on this planet-the intelligent and the stupid."

John Fowles


"Is the notion of "race" real-or is it mythology? We make certain assumptions about people based on skin color. Is this some mass delusion we're all participating in?"

-David Henry Hwang


"Popular, subjective labels in the designation of races, used among persons ignorant of the existence of physical anthropology, are often truer than the hesitant results of erudite wanderings in the labyrinth of numbers."

Carleton Coon

The races of Europe


"Racism has been a travesty of scientific knowledge, and has served consistently as special pleading for the supremacy of any which the pleader himself belonged."

Ruth Benedict 1940


"The more two different peoples grow alike in externals, the more conscious and jealous they become of diversity in their souls…."


The Life of Reason


"Racism is an evil and primitive form of collectivism. Today, racism is regarded as a crime if practiced by a majority-but as an inalienable right if practiced by a minority. The notion that one’s culture is superior to all others solely because it represents the tradition of one’s ancestors, is regarded as chauvinism if claimed by a majority-but as "ethnic" pride if claimed by a minority."

Ayn Rand

The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution


"The new grammar of race is constructed in a way that George Orwell would have appreciated, because its rules make some ideas impossible to express-unless, of course, one wants to be called a racist

Stephen Carter

Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby


"Racism, which presupposes a common ancestry, is not the same as nationalism, which presupposes a common citizenship. It is usually, but not invariably, associated with such an exalted form of nationalism as patriotism, such extreme forms of nationalism as chauvinism and jingoism, such localized forms as sectionalism, regionalism, and provincialism. Racism is present both in the foundation and in the dissolution of empires. It may reinforce nationalism in homogeneous societies and oppose it in multiracial states. in proletarian revolutions and fascist counterrevolutions, it may play a far more important role than class."

Wilmot Robertson

The Dispossessed Majority


"At present, worldwide movements are afoot to abolish racism. But as indicated by events in the United States and abroad, far from being abolished anywhere, it is becoming intensified everywhere. All that is happening is that one form of racism is being replaced by another.

Instead of attempting to destroy the indestructible, it might be wiser to learn more about man’s racial reflexes. A greater knowledge of the source of racism might produce effective ways of civilizing it, and directing it into more creative and constructive channels. Such knowledge might also aid in distinguishing between the racial behavior that helps to build nations and the racial behavior that tears them apart."

Wilmot Robertson

The Dispossessed Majority



"The white man regards the universe as a gigantic machine hurling through time and space to its final destruction: individuals in it are but tiny organisms with private lives that lead to private deaths: personal power, success and fame are the absolute measures of values, the things to live for. This outlook on life divides the universe into a host of individual little entities which cannot help being in constant conflict thereby hastening the approach of the hour of their final destruction."

Policy Statement, 1944, of the Youth League of the African National Congress


"I came to realize that I was being condemned, not by a lack of ability, but by my color. I passed through successive stages of bewilderment, inarticulate protest, resentment, and, finally, reconciliation to the status of my race.

   Eventually, however, as I grew older and thought more clearly, I found in my condition an incentive to personal accomplishment, an inspiring challenge. Without having the wish to "show them," I developed a fierce desire to "show myself." I wanted to prove that I, AS AN INDIVIDUAL, deserved a place in the world."

Paul R. Williams

-I Am A Negro



"The Yakub made devils were really pale white, with really blue eyes; which we thing are the ugliest colors for a human eye. They were called Caucasian-which means, "One whose evil effect is not confined to one’s self alone, but affects others."

According to Elijah Muhammad in his chapter ‘Original Man’


   "This Anglo-Saxon of the great herd is, in many important respects, the least civilized of white men and the least capable of true civilization. His political ideas are crude and shallow. He is almost wholly devoid of esthetic feeling. The most elementary facts about  the visible universe alarm him, and incite him to put them down. Educate him, make a professor of him, teach him how to express his soul, and he still remains palpably third-rate. He fears ideas almost more cravenly than he fears men. His blood, I believe, is running thin; perhaps it was not much to boast of at the start; in order that he may exercise any functions above those of a trader, a pedagogue or a mob orator, it needs the stimulus of  other and less exhausted strains. The fact that they increase is the best hope of civilization in America. They shake the old race out of its spiritual lethargy, and introduce it to disquiet and experiment. They make for a free play of ideas. In opposing the process, whether in politics, in letters or in the ages-long struggle toward the truth, the prophets of Anglo-Saxon purity and tradition only make themselves ridiculous."

H.L. Mencken

The Anglo-Saxon...from the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 1923)


"it is now long ago that I learned this lesson from General Samuel Chapman Armstrong, and resolved that I would permit no man, no matter what his colour might be, to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. With God's help, I believe that I have completely rid myself of any ill feeling toward the Southern white man for any wrong that he may have inflicted upon my race. I am made to feel just as happy now when I am rendering service to Southern White men as when the service is rendered to a member of my own race. I pity from the bottom of my heart any individual who is so unfortunate as to get into the habit of holding race prejudice..."

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver: His Life & Faith in His Own Words    by William J. Federer


"Modern Racism(of which anti-Semitism is a part) although caused by specific social conditions, becomes, when it gains strength, a force that in my opinion can only be described as demonic. After coming to power, and for its duration, I believe it defies analysis by any presently understood social theory or set of merely social observations-and in particularly any known theory invoking involving psychological "interests" of any entity that can be ,defined in present state of human knowledge. But this I do not mean that such forces are unknowable in principle: on the contrary, one must hope that with the growth of human knowledge they will come to be understood. But at present they are neither understood nor capable of being rationally predicted-and this applies to all racism in all societies."

Israel Shaham

Jewish History,Jewish Religion



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