"For those of you who’ve been living in a cave or are understandably overwhelmed by info over-load, nanotechnology is the inexpensive and complete control over the structure of matter, It’s the manipulation of matter, molecule by molecule. The advent of nanotechnology will result in the human ability to create limitless amounts of any substance consistent with the laws of the Universe."

Timothy Leary

Design For Dying



" As a co-founder of the Feynman Grand Prize in Nanotechnoloy, I believe nanotechnology will yield dramatic benefits to humankind on a scale we can scarcely imagine today. Molecular nonotechnology is coming and it will have dramatic impact…..

Marc Arnold NYT  Tuesday July 6,1999


   "The evangelists of nanotechnology envisage an "assembler" that could grab single atoms, shifting them around and assembling them one by one into machines with components no bigger than molecules. These techniques will allow computer processors to be a thousand times smaller, and information to be stored in memories a billion times more compact that the best we have today. Indeed, human brains may be augmented by implants of computers. Nanomachines could have as intricate a molecular structure as viruses and living cells, and display even more variety; they could carry out manufacturing tasks; they could crawl around inside our bodies observing and taking measurements, or even performing microsurgery.

   Nanotechnology could extend Moore's law for up to thirty further years; by that time, computers would match the processing power of a human brain. And all human beings could by then be bathed in a cyberspace that allows instant communication with one another, not just in speech and vision but via elaborate virtual reality."

   Martin Rees

Our Final Hour

Book: "Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World." by Doublas Mulhall

Book: "Nanocosm: The Big Change That's Coming from the Very Small" by William Illsey Atkinson

Book: "Nanoarchitecture: A New Species of Architecture" by John M. Johansend

See Article: Wired Mag Oct 2004 "The Incredible Shrinking Man" by Ed Regis about K. Eric Drexler



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